Build the spectacular Batmobile Tumbler

Issue 1

Your magazine + parts to build the front section with the front two cannons

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With military “stealth”-inspired technology, its bullet-proof bodywork is strong enough to break through concrete walls, making the Tumbler stand out as the most revolutionary Batmobile ever. This fantastic vehicle represents a turning point in Batman history, and now you can build your own highly detailed replica!

Easy to build

Model complete is 120 issues.


TURBINE engine

Cockpit with control panel,
steering console and radar board



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This 1:8 scale model is complete with motion, sounds and lights, including fine details and high-quality materials!

Easy to follow

Including photos to clearly illustrate each step of construction and to guide you through the build.

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  • Batmobile Tumbler is a brand-new collection providing you with everything you need to build your very own replica model of the legendary Tumbler from The Dark Knight Trilogy. The Tumbler is the most revolutionary Batmobile ever - and now you can build your very own highly-detailed 1:8 scale model complete with lights, motion and sounds!

    The parts for your model come with a fascinating magazine that reveals the amazing history and evolution of Batman as well as everything you need to know about Batmobiles, from their origins to today. You’ll also be able to follow clear step-by-step instructions with accompanying pictures to guide you through your build.

  • Scale: 1:8
    Size: approx. 56 x 35 x 19cm
    Materials: die-cast parts with plastic for finer details

  • Issue 1 will be available to buy in UK stores on 28th December.
    Issue 2 will be available on 11th January.
    Issue 3 will be available on 25th January.
    Issues will be released fortnightly until issue 10 (available on 3rd May). They will then be available weekly from issue 11 (available on 10th May).

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  • There are currently 120 issues planned.

  • The collection is published fortnightly until issue 10, and then weekly from then on.

  • Issue 1 comes at the special price of £1.99. Premium subscribers will pay £3.49.
    Issue 2 comes at the special price of £6.99. Premium subscribers will pay £8.49.
    Issue 3 onwards is priced at £10.99. Premium subscribers will pay £12.49.

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